“Great things are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Steve JOBS

Lucas Hudek

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman


Omar Campos

Co-Founder and Vice Chairman

Alex Elert


Micah Kinsler

Strategic M&A Partner at MiCamp

Gary Jeppesen

Strategic M&A Partner and CFO at MiCamp

Steven Hunter

Chief Underwriter and Risk Analyst

daniel oswald

Wharton 15 Yrs of Finance


M&A Consultant and Risk Analyst

Jose Jimenez

Partner and Director
of Intuit Channel

Mike Banks

Partner and Director
of Payments

Sonny Huitron

Partner and Director of
Point of Sale

Kim Villalobos

       Partner and Business Development

Bryan Kosarek

Partner and Business Development

Lawrence Chavez

Director of ISO-Channel

Selva Faranci

Co-Director of ISO Channel

Trent Svatek

Partner and Business

David Chen

M&A Partner and Investor
Former Deloitte Partner

Trevor Lanphear

Partner and Business

James huber

Legal Counsel

Wayne Belisle


Mauro Sicard

Creative Director

Brian Dixon

 Blockchain Advisor