Save Money On Credit Card Processing With WAVit

WAVit offers unlimited payment processing for a low fixed monthly fee, making it the most economical way to accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express transactions.

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How WAVit Works

Our WAVit solution takes advantage of recent changes in card network rules, which now allow merchants to spread transaction fees across end-consumers, rather than absorbing the entire cost themselves.

WAVit works across all payment platforms and automatically applies a non-cash adjustment to all credit card purchases.

Merchants receive a simple and transparent fixed monthly subscription fee which does not increase with payment processing volume.

Providing businesses with competitive, secure, and cost-effective payment technologies shouldn’t seem daunting. With WAVit, businesses are able to accept payments anytime, anywhere and save on processing costs.

How Much Can You Save?


96% of guests never ask or question the additional charge passed on to them; of the 4% who ask about the charge, only 5% are upset. Out of the 4% that ask about the charge, 95% of those individuals are not upset because of how you present why your business has made the switch to WAVit (cash discount). 

Cash discount solutions have been around for many years with common use in the petroleum industry, utility companies, and event ticket companies (Ticketmaster). Amazon has also recently announced they are passing along credit card fees to end-consumers. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a surge in the adoption of this new payment solution which lends a helping hand to businesses by offsetting their credit card processing costs.

No, WAVit is a cash discount solution. It fits state and federal regulations

Yes, the WAVit solution can work for any type of business, regardless of the size or industry.

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