Pay at the table is finally here!

The Perkwave mobile app lets your customers pay their bill conveniently and securely right from their phone using Apple PayTM technology. The app is integrated directly into your POS system so the entire transaction will be as seamless as any other payment type.

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  • Increase Sales: Accommodate millions of iPhone customers seeking out businesses that accept Apple PayTM
  • Better Experience: The customer’s credit card never has to leave their possession and they can pay at their convenience. No more waiting
  • Increase Table Turns: Staff can spend more time serving customers instead of closing out checks
  • Improve Security: Apple PayTM masks any sensitive payment information, resulting in an extremely secure transaction

Dine as normal

Enjoy your meal just like you normally would and when you’re ready to leave, request the check from your server.

Scan the receipt

A special QR code is printed on the bottom of your receipt. Simply scan it with the Perkwave app, or enter the 7-digit receipt code manually.

Review your check

Instantly a copy of your check is displayed on your phone. Simply review for accuracy and add a tip for the server.

Pay with your finger

Touch the Buy with Apple Pay button, press your finger to the Touch IDâ„¢ sensor and payment is complete!

Leave Anytime

Your check is automatically closed out and your server notified. No need to sign anything and a digital receipt is delivered to you.