About Us

Why twenty20 payments

We think the only way to do business is to serve others, do more for them, and charge less than the value we provide. We shaped our company and everything we do by these principles because they are true to the values of those we do business with. We’re here to support independent business owners and take one less worry off their back, whether it be accepting payments, consulting with them on business solutions, or just providing good, old-fashioned customer service. The most compelling reason businesses switch to twenty20 payments is because of our commitment to our clients and our dedicated team and friendly and professional customer service members. Our soluiton oriented philosphy is to identify a problem but quickly move towards finding a solution. When you call us, you’re not talking to someone in a call center overseas, we are our U.S. office standing by and ready and help when needed. We will always have a dedicated team member available and ready to assist you in running your business 24/7.

How We’re Different

We approach business differently than other companies. At twenty20 payments, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent. We strive to make payment processing and other services easy to understand, painless, and professional. We purposefully choose long-term relationships over profit, operating on the principle of supporting businesses across the country.

Almost a decade ago, while our Co-Founder Lucas Hudek was speaking to dozens of business owners every day, he learned that many felt they were being underserved and over-charged by credit card processors. Something had to change.
Today, Lucas and the twenty20 payment’s team serves thousands of merchants across America, saving them millions in fees and hours in frustration. And though twenty20 payments has grown substantially over the years, each customer is treated as if they were the first. Because of this dedication and effectiveness, we now offer other services in addition to payment processing for your business to help you reach your goals. We owe our “lets work on this project together” philosophy to our Co-Founders, Lucas Hudek and Omar Campos. In 2013, it was their vision for constant and continual improvement that launched twenty20 payments.

“Every one of my teammates is a leader. Together we inspire growth through learning and bold action, relentlessly pushing the bar higher.“
Omar Campos – Co-Founder & COO